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Celebration of the Class of 1970 & Presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Officers & Trustees of the ECBA extend their warmest thanks to the following sponsors and all those firms and organizations that have whole heartedly supported the efforts of the Association and Foundation this past year. Please show your thanks by supporting them with your businesses.










Mary Jean Gallagher

94th President of the Essex County Bar Association
the First Woman ECBA President



  "I had the privilege, while serving as ECBA’s Executive director for 24 yrs., of working with the best and the brightest of Essex’s legal profession. Mary Jean Gallagher was one of those quintessential professionals. I remember how proud we all were that Mary Jean would be the first woman to lead this organization. She was a quiet leader who never shied away from any issue of concern to the legal profession and always found a path forward that enhanced us all. Her commitment and professionalism was recognized at the local, state and national level and each of her many awards was so richly deserved. RIP my friend.

Mo McCully Winograd
ECBA Executive Director 1979-2003

 “I am honored to remember that my friend Mary Jean received the 2005 NJSBF’s Daniel J. O’Hern Award, presented annually by the Commission on Professionalism to a senior member of the bar of outstanding character and career achievement who has continually displayed a firm commitment to the ideals of professionalism. Breaking another barrier, Mary Jean was the first woman recipient of this award. She was also elected a Fellow of The American Bar Foundation in 2000, an Honor Organization comprised of only 1/2 of 1% of lawyers in the United States."

Rich Badolato, Esq.
80th Presicent of the ECBA
Past President, NJSBA and NJSBF


"Mary Jean was ever the adventurer. She was the model of what an attorney should be; a fearless leader, compassionate advocate and a generous steadfast friend. I miss her dearly.”

Delia Murphy, Esq.


Pictured at left (l to r):  Thomas F. Quinn, Esq., Delia Murphy, Esq., Mary Jean Gallagher, Esq. and Kenneth A. Rosenberg, Esq. in 2013 on receipt of the ECBA Lifetime Achievement Award.

."Mary Jean Gallagher was both a personal and professional friend for whom I have great memories and ongoing respect. She was an early leader for women, but worked with the same passion for all. She was wise in so many ways and did so very much good for everyone who needed her professional as well as personal guidance. A role model for all as to what a true and kind person and professional should be."

Hon. Carol A. Ferentz (Ret.)


"As a new attorney, Mary Jean was always available and indeed did act as a mentor. She was extremely knowledgeable in so many areas of law, and was never reluctant to point one in the right direction.  While she could have continued her practice with a large firm, she chose to settle her private practice in Bloomfield, where she catered to the needs of the every day client to insure they each had  excellent representation for a reasonable cost.  She is sorely missed by the members of our Bar over which she presided, as well as her friends"

Francine M. Aster, Esq.
120th President of the ECBA


View the complete obituary for Ms. Gallagher here.

View the remarks of Ms. Delia Murphy on the presentation of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award to Ms. Gallagher here.

"With Honor and Dignity: The History of the Legal Profession in Essex County." Chap. 10. Partners in Excellence. Mary Jean Gallagher Biography



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Mary Jean Gallagher 1939-2020