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Representing Domestic Violence Victims Obtaining Final Restraining Orders

Celebration of the Class of 1970 & Presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Memorial Committee


Memorial Committee & Annual Service

Due to Covid-19 we were unable to celebrate the lives  and careers of those

ECBA members who passed in 2019-2020.

These members will be remembered at the 2021 Memorial Service.

Raymond A. Brown, III, Esq. Hon. Herbert S. Glickman
 Hon. F. Michael Caruso  Norman S. Karpf, Esq.
 Emanuel S. Fish, Esq.  Joel C. Rinsky, Esq.


ECBF Memorial Committee
Frederick D. Miceli, Esq., Chair


  Tracey L. Alfano, Esq.  Hon. Donald S. Goldman (Ret.) Felicia G. Smith, Esq.
 Raymond R. Connell, Esq.   Joseph P. LaSala, Esq.   Brian G. Steller, Esq.
 Dennis J. Drasco, Esq.  Daniel J. Pomeroy. Esq.  Hon. Edwin H. Stern (Ret.)
 Patrick C. Dunican, Esq. Thomas F. Quinn, Esq.  Lynne Strober, Esq.
 Marc J. Gross, Esq.   Gloria Rodriguez, Esq.  Federico Velez, Esq.
 Harvey S. Grossman, Esq.  Alan Ruddy, Esq.  Thomas A. Wester, Esq.
 Lynn H. Goldberg, Esq.  Shoshana Schiff, Esq.  Francis J. Zazzaro, Esq.


The Essex County Bar Foundation

Remembers Fondly

Nicholas E. Caprio, Esq.

Nicholas E. Caprio, Esq.

Complete Obituary

“Nick was one in a million, with his infectious smile and great sense of humor it was always special to be in his company. He was an Essex original and a first class Lawyer. RIP."

Richie Badolato, Esq.


"Nick was a gem. We had a case together many years ago and formed a quick friendship. I never saw Nick without that twinkle in his eye and a lot of laughs to share. He was a good lawyer with a good sense of humor and just a really good guy. He had his own unique charm. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him for years but I have nothing but good memories."

Paul Rowe, Esq.


“ When I was a young lawyer, I met Nick at a Friendly. He was incredibly kind and helpful to me. Years later , when we knew each other better, I considered myself so lucky to be able to call him my friend. He was a smart, thoughtful, classy guy and above all else a loyal friend!”

Dennis Drasco, Esq.

"Nick was a wonderful guy who enjoyed telling a good story. I wish I could remember some of them because they were always hilariously funny. My favorite ones were Nick’s tales of his experiences with Judge Ralph Fusco. Nick could imitate Ralph’s voice and speech mannerisms so perfectly that I used to close my eyes, and when I did so I would swear to myself that Ralph was in the room speaking. 
I will really miss Nick."


Hon. R. Benjamin Cohen (Ret.)


“Nick was a true character... a Bon-Ton and MANGIA legend... I can still see him stuffing his cheeks with napkins to emulate Marlon Brando in The Godfather... Rest In Peace Nick.”

Wayne Positan, Esq.

"I have known Nick Caprio since 1967. Brendan T. Byrne was prosecutor of Essex County. Nick and I were both Assistant Prosecutors, although he was much senior to me.
Every Friday morning the Prosecutor would hold a meeting of all the Assistants in his office. The high point of the meeting was when Nick would do a stand-up routine which could last five minutes if he was on a roll. Most weeks it was the high point of the week.
Nick was a kind and generous person and it was my privilege to know him all these years."

Hon. Philip M. Freedman

"Nick was an Essex County treasure. It was always a treat to have him appear in Court. You never knew what to expect other that it would be entertaining. Gone but never to be forgotten."

Hon. Eugene J. Codey (Ret.)

"The warmest, most lovable, most naturally funny lawyer our county has ever known. The Michelangelo of schmoozing. I remember many years ago when Judge Paul Thompson was the Civil PJ and one of Nicky's cases was called. He was late but the other two lawyers on the case answered and began discussing on the record a recent uninsured motorist coverage decision and how it impacted their case. They didn't remember the name of it. Lo and behold, Nicky came strolling into the courtroom. Judge Thompson said to him in mid stride, 'Mr. Caprio, what's the name of that recent Supreme Court decision on UM coverage?' Nicky paused and said 'Well Judge, if I knew there was going to be a test today, I would have studied.'"

Frederick Miceli, Esq.


"For many years ECBF could count on Nick Caprio to use his unrehearsed humor to entertain us and warm up the crowd at Bon Ton. As he introduced the dais, which most often included the New Jersey Supreme Court justices, everyone knew they would receive their own personal wise cracking introduction. I once asked Nick why he didn’t pursue a career on the stage with so much raw talent and he said”I had to do something to get my mother to take her head out of the oven so I went to law school.” A razor sharp wit who will be missed. RIP Nick."


Mo McCully Winograd

 "The recent death of Nick Caprio is a tragedy of the first order. Nick was an unusually bright and lively attorney, who showed us all how the power of personality can, indeed, effect the application of the law. I can recall arguing a motion for summary judgement on behalf of a municipality in which Nick represented the plaintiff. I was clearly entitled to a favorable ruling, which Nick conceded during his part of the oral argument. However, Nick presented his arguments with such an understated appeal that the judge, in the end, denied the motion ‘without prejudice‘ to my renewal of it at the time of trial. I remember thinking at the time what a powerful factor Is the pull of an active imaginative mind upon the law. . .[despite being far less sanguine about the judges reaction at the time!] I was proud to be Nick's friend and a fellow member of the Essex county Bar Association with him. He was a very generous man with his time and his talents. He is missed,..."

Hon. John C. Kennedy (Ret.)

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